• Understanding the emotional content of the doctor-patient relationship

Welcome to the UK Balint Society

The Society takes its name from Psychoanalysts Michael and Enid Balint, who began work in the 1950s to help General Practitioners reach a better understanding of the emotional content of the doctor-patient relationship and so improve their therapeutic potential.

Balint groups have been meeting ever since, and today a number of different professionals from health, social care, and more participate. Balint group membership provides a space to think about those encounters which leave professionals drained, puzzled, or stuck and through discussion about the relationship, the possibility of finding new ways forward with the patient. Although the Balint method is founded on psychoanalytic ideas about the dynamics of human relationships, the work of the group is based on the everyday consultations of members, using ordinary language, and does not require any specialist knowledge. The nature and context of healthcare practice is continually changing but is still mainly based on human interactions between people seeking help and professionals, making Balint work just as relevant today as when it began.

The UK Balint Society, a registered charity (reg no. 261387) welcomes membership from any health or social care professional who works with patients and clients. We also welcome others who wish to explore professional relationships with their public using the Balint method.


 Balint Group News Exchange

Are you currently a member of a Balint group or leading one? Are you looking for new members? 

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