A Guideline To Organising a Balint Society Event

If you have reached this page then you are probably interested in or are in the process of co-ordinating an event with The Balint Society. The following guidelines have been devised to assist you in that process. The guidelines give a step by step guide of how to organise a Balint event and include several appendices that will help you along the way including:

  • An Event Template;
  • Schedule of Fees;
  • Travel Claim Form;
  • Fees declaration form for Trustees;
  • Information on Invoicing;
  • Cancellation Policy.

We hope this document will be of use, if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Balint Society Administrator in the first instance – administrator@balint.co.uk.

A Guideline To Organising A Balint Society Event – Word Version

A Guide To Organising A Balint Society Event – PDF Version