Balint Society Student Membership

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Join The Balint Society

Applications from students undertaking their initial professional training in any branch of healthcare is especially welcome, at a reduced fee of just £5.00 per annum. 

Please note that this does not apply to those doing postgraduate or higher professional training, who should apply for ordinary membership.

If you are not sure if you qualify for student membership, please contact us before joining, via

Total Amount
Student membership information
By providing a postal address we can ensure that you are alerted to opportunities in your locality.
We'll communicate with you almost exclusively via email, so this is a required field. A non-NHS email address is preferable as group emails to NHS addresses can sometimes be blocked.
Please provide the expected date that your course ends. We'll use this to contact you near the time to enable you to become a full member of the Balint Society should you wish to do so.