Find a Group

Finding a Balint group to join may require some detective work. There isn’t one place to look and the Balint Society is usually only aware of groups run by members. Look on Postgraduate Centre notice boards. Ask colleagues, GP tutors (via Deaneries), local psychotherapy departments and us. We will do our best to help you so here are some people who can be contacted:

North East England:  Jane Dammers

North West England: Ceri Dornan

London and South of England: David Watt

NEW or ONGOING GROUPS open for membership:

Sheffield. Monthly mutidisciplinary group starting September 2018 for 9 months. Monday 6.30-8pm at Share Psychotherapy. Please contact Libby and Steve at: or

Nelson, Pendle Community Hospital.  Every three weeks, Wednesday 8pm. Contact:







For any further information please contact Richard Pannett:

If you draw a blank, consider finding some like minded colleagues and start a new group. Click on the heading to the right to find some advice about how to do this. Let us know so we can help to promote your group.