Online Balint Groups

Guidance on Online Balint Groups

The Balint Society Council wishes to acknowledge the very difficult, demanding and worthwhile work that many health workers are doing in life-threatening conditions during this pandemic.

The Society also recognises that attendance in a Balint Group demands reflection & can be most helpful when the immediate crisis is passed and at a level where reflection is both practically & emotionally possible.

Accredited leaders who wish to continue with established ongoing groups, or indeed are wanting to set up new groups, are welcome to contact the Society for advice as to how this may be done. The Society holds some licences to hold meetings by ‘ZOOM’, as an online platform, and some of our members have been holding Balint groups & Balint leaders’ peer group supervision already quite successfully in this way.

For anyone new to the Society, we wish to encourage new developments, that are congruent with the Balint method & tradition, focussing on the patient-practitioner relationship. The Society can offer an initial discussion about what a Balint group is, & the practicalities of setting up a group by ‘ZOOM’, with a view to the group meeting in person eventually, as conditions permit. We see this as a way of upholding & sustaining the core of our work & moving forward in the Balint tradition.

Moving your Balint Group Online

If you wish to move your Balint group online or would like further consultation/supervision in doing so we encourage you to get in touch with Julie Saxton, our Administrator, in the first instance at who will be able to deal with or forward on your query to other Council members as appropriate.

Our guidelines for using Zoom as an online platform, can be found here: Online Balint Group Zoom Guidelines, please be advised that although Balint Society UK have the most experience using Zoom as an online platform others are available such as Skype, Google Hangouts etc – please trial whichever you decide to use.