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NEW!! Journal of the Balint Society Volume 48, Issue 1

A message from our new Editor…..

As the new Editor of the Journal of the Balint Society, I am delighted to share with you volume 48(1). It is a special issue on the theme ‘COVID-19 and the Virtual Group’. It is also an anniversary edition, as the Journal was first published in 1971, so this is its 50th year.  The publication is the fruit of collaborative work with Deputy Editor, Shameel Khan, and the members of the Editorial Committee, Andrew Elder, Jane Dammers, and Anne Patterson. I am grateful for their contributions. I extend my gratitude to Tom McAnea, who served as Editor for ten years.  I look forward to receiving your contributions to the Journal for our future issues, and I hope you enjoy reading volume 48(1).

Best wishes,

Raluca Soreanu, Editor of the Journal of the Balint Society 

Journal of the Balint Society Vol.48 Issue 1

Journal of the Balint Society 2016 – 2019

The Journal of the Balint Society was previously published annually in September and distributed free to members. Please find below a copy of the journals in PDF format.

 Journal of the Balint Society Vol. 44 2016

Journal of the Balint Society Vol. 45 2017

Journal of the Balint Society Vol. 46 2018

Journal of the Balint Society Vol.47 2019

Digital Archive

We now have a digital archive of all past issues of the Journal. Each Journal has been scanned to an optical recognition quality into a PDF document. If you wish to have a copy from a particular year, please contact the Administrator –

Guidance for Contributors

  • All manuscripts for publication in the Journal should be submitted to the Editor.
  • We welcome research papers, personal reflections, case studies, book reviews and reports of Balint events and ongoing groups.
  • References may be in the Harvard or Vancouver style. All references should give the names and initials of all authors, the title of the article, the title of the journal abbreviated according to the style of Index Medicus, year of publication, volume number, and the first and last page numbers.

Confidentiality Statement for Contributors: 

  • The Journal takes the protection of confidentiality very seriously. We ask contributors to ensure that obvious identifying factors such as names, age, locations etc are removed or changed.
  • Any article that contains personal medical information about an identifiable living individual requires the patient’s explicit consent before we can publish it. We would like the patient to sign a consent form, such as the one attached below, which requires the patient to have read the article. If consent cannot be obtained because the patient cannot be traced then publication will be possible only if the information can be sufficiently anonymised. This means that neither the patient nor anyone else could identify the patient with certainty. If the patient is dead the author(s) should seek permission from a relative (as a matter of courtesy and medical ethics). If the relatives are not contactable we will balance the worthwhileness of the case, the likelihood of identification, and the likelihood of offence if identified in making a decision on whether we should publish without a relative’s consent.
  • Journal of the Balint Society consent form