UK Balint Society Leadership Accreditation

Leadership Accreditation Criteria and Pathway, Training Programme and Supervision

To join the Balint Society leadership accreditation pathway, you will first need to become a  MEMBER of the society. Membership needs to be maintained once you have become accredited.

To become accredited, you will need to:

  • Have experience of being in a Balint group led by an accredited leader;
  • Have experience of leading Balint groups and supervision with an accredited leader;
  • Attend Balint Society leadership training days and weekends.

Pathway to Accreditation

  1. You can register on the accreditation pathway by completing the Leadership Accreditation Application Form detailing all your experience of Balint work and send it to the leadership team at
  2. The leadership team will advise you on a training pathway appropriate to your needs.  
  3. Keep a record on your form of Balint groups you attend, those you lead, and Balint Society events you attend.
  4. You will need to have supervision from an accredited leader once you start leading/co-leading groups and may want to start this supervision in anticipation of leading a group especially if this is a new group forming.  Supervision is normally one-to-one. If you are co-leading a group then it is best for both leaders to have supervision together. The leadership team can put you in touch with an appropriate supervisor.
  5. Discuss your progress with your supervisor. If you or your supervisor have any queries, please contact the leadership team.
  6. When you have discussed readiness to proceed to application for accreditation with your supervisor, send your up-to-date accreditation form together with a reference from your supervisor to the leadership team.
  7. Your accreditation will be reviewed by the leadership team who will advise you if they are happy to put you forward to the next council meeting for consideration.   If not, they will advise what further experience they feel would be appropriate.
  8. The Balint Society council is responsible for agreeing on a person’s accreditation.   Appeals can be made directly to the council about any decision.
  9. After accreditation we recommend that all leaders continue ongoing supervision, individually and/or in a group. 
  10. Join a local Balint leaders’ peer supervision group if you can.
  11. If you would like to discuss starting a peer supervision group in your area, please contact the leadership team.  
  12. Many leaders also find it useful to be in a Balint group themselves.  There are opportunities to do this at Balint weekends. 

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