Required Experience and Training Programme

We are looking at a portfolio of experience and would expect an accredited leader to be able to confidently lead a Balint group in a variety of settings. The following are guidelines for the minimum experience for accreditation.   Experience of leading a group in only one setting may not be sufficient and a variety of opportunities should be sought, which may include co-leading a group at a Balint weekend.  If you are leading a group on your own you should also seek opportunities to co-lead a group.

Experience as a member of a Balint group.

  • If you have psychoanalytic/psychodynamic training: At least 8 group sessions during or after professional training OR 2 Balint Society weekends as an ordinary group member.
  • If you have NO psychoanalytic training: At least 20 group sessions in an ongoing group or at Balint Society weekends in ordinary Balint groups

Training requirements

  • Co-lead one or more Balint groups (20 sessions minimum), with a Balint Society accredited leader if possible.
  • Attend at least two Balint Society weekend leadership groups, or equivalent leadership training days provided by the Society. We prefer you to attend at least one two day event as this is a more immersive experience than single days.
  • Develop a portfolio and demonstrate development of competencies with a supervisor.
  • Have supervision on your leadership of one or more groups for a period of time until the supervisor is happy to give a written report on your competencies and you feel ready to apply.


 The leadership team can put you in touch with a supervisor. 

  • The supervisor is an accredited Balint group leader with experience of supervision.
  • The supervisor will conduct supervision in the most appropriate way e.g. face to face, skype, telephone.  Supervision will normally be on a one to one, or one to two basis.
  • If the trainee is co-leading a group the other leader should join in the supervision for at least some of the supervision sessions.
  • If the supervisor is co-leading a group with the trainee then another accredited leader will provide supervision to the supervisor, to provide triangulation of the experience.
  • The supervisor will encourage the leader in training to make their own notes on groups they attend.
  • The supervisor and trainee will agree the need for any written presentation to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor will encourage a range of experience for the trainee as above
  • The supervisor and trainee can contact the leadership team to discuss issues/queries as they arise if they wish.
  • The trainee will discuss readiness to proceed to application for accreditation with the supervisor. The trainee will ask the supervisor to provide a written reference which will be shared with the trainee and then forwarded to the leadership team.
  • Suggested supervisor fee £60 – £80 per hour (2019)

Supervisor reference for Balint Leadership Accreditation application 21