Medical students

National Medical Students’ Group

 Are you sometimes PUZZLED by patients? INTRIGUED by your interactions? CONFUSED by your consultants’ reactions?

If so then we would like to offer you the opportunity to join a Balint group with medical students from all over the UK to continue exploring these ideas. The group is open to any clinical medical student who has had some experience of being in a Balint group, either through their university or at a Balint Society supported event.

Previous students have found that the group has given them:


An improved understanding and appreciation of the doctor-patient relationship

The opportunity to build relationships with peers to share experiences

An awareness of some of the challenges that might be faced as a doctor

Increased confidence in presenting cases


The group currently runs from 6pm – 7pm on Tuesday evenings via Zoom

There are 3-4 meetings every term.


Please contact if you would like to attend so that you can be added to the mailing list

This page is open for contributions from medical students who are interested in Balint work. If you have ideas and thoughts to share, please contact in the first instance.

Here is a video made by students and their leader from Sheffield Medical School, describing their experience of Balint work.