Our Podcasts and Papers

We are building up a library of podcasts and papers to share lectures, talks given at meetings and some personal experiences of Balint work. Choose from the list on the right of this page to access a podcast, or click on a link below to download a paper.

Theoretical aspects of Balint work

Although psychoanalytic vocabulary is not used in Balint group discussions, so making groups accessible to clinicians with no analytic knowledge or training, the theoretical basis of Michael Balint’s method does originate from analytic thinking. You may like to read the following paper given by Esti Rimmer, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Newcastle. Also note the podcast of a talk by Gearoid Fitzgerald in the list on the right.

To download the paper, click here: Theory? Who needs theory?

Some thoughts on supervision

This paper was given by Psychotherapists Helen Sheldon and Judy Malone at the Balint Society Study Day on 9th February 2018.

To download the paper, click here: Thoughts on supervision