About us

The UK Balint Society was founded in 1969 to continue the work begun by Michael and Enid Balint in the 1950s. Initially focussed on General Practitioners, the aim of the present day Society is to help all health and social care professionals to gain a better understanding of the emotional content of their relationship with patients or clients.

The Society is a registered charity (Reg Charity No. 261387) with income from membership subscriptions and occasional donations. The Balint Society Council has responsibility for running the affairs of the Society, and reports to members at an Annual General Meeting, usually held at the end of the  Oxford Balint Weekend in September. The Society has a constitution which can be read here.

Constitution of the Balint Society

If you would like to know more about the activities of Council and how to become involved please contact us: secretary@balint.co.uk.

Current Officers and Members of Council:

  • President(s):     Anne Patterson & Judy Malone
  • Vice President:    Vacant
  • Hon. Secretary:  Sylvia Chudley
  • Hon. Treasurer:  Ann Evans
  • Journal Editor:    Raluca Soreanu
  • Members:        Eamonn Marshall, Suni Perera, Scarlett Tankard, Vikram Luthra, Shake Seigel (co-opted).